The Art of Geography drops some NFTs

If you like Art of Geography artwork and wanted to own a limited edition, up until now there were no options available.

Today there are now choices, and hopefully more to come.

What is an NFT?

While the term non-fungible token doesn't necessarily explain a lot, it is an application of cryptocurrencies to the problem of digital art being easily reproducible and therefore seemingly having little to no value. The art world depends partly on scarcity to define value. An NFT provides something that can't be duplicated -- a token that is unique to a particular artwork.

NFT artwork has built-in authentication, which provides proof of ownership.

Some recent articles on NFT-based artwork

Where are the Art of Geography NFTs?

The art portfolio page on this site now has a link under the artwork when there is an NFT available.

Three Art of Geography artworks are available (all open in new tabs):

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